Costs ToP   i  Kom
FREE! for most domestic data plans and Wifi
FREE! in most home countries
FREE! to many countries
Connection fee
a few cents per connection
Know your costs
  1. 1.Minutes
  2. 2.Connection Fee
  3. 3.Data
  4. 4.Roaming
Ok, it is not for free, but very, very cheap compared to what your GSM provider charges.
For most calls you just pay a few cents (say 5 cent) per connection.
Check the rates of one of the supported VoIP providers for details.
Almost Free!
ROAMING abroad? Outside your home area your GSM provider may charge roaming fees.
Please make sure you know your GSM contract details, when you are travelling.
Usually it is a good idea to let ToPiKom connect you to a local phone (e.g. hotel phone) to avoid phone roaming fees. Or use ToPiKom with a local prepaid SIM card when your are planning to place a lot of calls abroad in order to avoid roaming fees completly.