About this App  ToPiKom allows you to use the phone to phone function of numerous VoIP providers from your iPhone or any phone you have access to.
All you need is a cell phone signal (or WiFi) and a VoIP account from one of our supported VoIP
What this App does  When you select a phone number from your iPhone address book or dial a phone number ToPiKom will initiate a VoIP phone call from your iPhone or any other phone to the phone you want to call.
What does it cost We do not charge you for the calls. The calls are charged by your VoIP provider. If you are roaming outside your home country or area your GSM provider might charge you for roaming.
Have a look at
costs and example rates before you use this App.
Note: Topikom App is not developed by, supported by, endorsed by, or authorized by any of the VoIP providers mentioned and listed on this website and in the App. It is a third party application distributed to use the web interface of the VoIP providers mentioned on this website as long as this interface is provided.
Therefore VoIP Service cannot be guaranteed.
Disclaimer ToPiKom VoIP 
Breaking news:
Update 1.2.3 available on the AppStore now